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Kettlebell Training for Jiu Jitsu Part 2

Kettlebell Training for Jiu Jitsu Part 2

by JJB Admin

3 years ago

This is the second in a series of four articles by Jason Brown, a jiu jitsu coach known for his deep understanding of supplemental training methods.

Kettlebell Training for Jiu Jitsu Part 2

In Part 1 of Kettlebell Training for Jiu Jitsu,  we covered the ½ kneeling kettlebell swing and the ½ get-up. Hopefully, you’ve played around with and explored those movements and found which details work best for you. As in Jiu-jitsu, we all move differently, we all bring unique injury profiles, past training experiences and biases into our kettlebell training.

I’ve seen dancers and wrestlers do these same exact skills completely differently. I like to call this “heritage.” A term I read once in a Parkour book. So don’t worry if you move a bit differently than me or Nicolas Gregoriades. That’s your heritage, honor it without getting crazy or dangerous from a technical perspective. Kettlebells can bite back….just like jiu-jitsu.

Week 2 Workout

In week 2 we take each movement 1 or 2 steps forward, simply progressing to the ½ kneeling Clean and Press, or Screw Press if you feel ready for it, and the ½ get-up with a high-bridge. You can train as often as possible while staying as fresh as possible for your on-the-mat training. The ½ kneeling Clean & Presses should be completed for multiple sets of low to medium repetitions…6-12 reps. The ½ kneeling get-ups with high-bridge are still a lower rep movement, under 5.

Complete for multiple sets after you’ve completed your ½ kneeling C & P. If you’d like to throw an upper-body pulling movement between these 2 kettlebell exercises it would be a great addition. Something like a TRX Row or pull-up variation. This would allow your shoulders and triceps to recover somewhat before moving on.

Week 2 Coaching Tips


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