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Half Guard Mastery - Digital Download
Half Guard Mastery - Digital Download
Half Guard Mastery - Digital Download
Half Guard Mastery - Digital Download
Half Guard Mastery - Digital Download
Half Guard Mastery - Digital Download
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Half Guard Mastery - Digital Download

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This instructional is the result of several months of hard work and many many hours of teaching this material in seminars throughout the world. Half-Guard has been my position since the very early days of my Jiujitsu career and when it came to trying to record and map out everything I knew I wanted to make sure I did it right and did the material justice, and I'd like to think I've managed to do just that. The aim of this instructional is to give the viewer a complete half-guard game with answers to almost every situation they could find themselves in. I am exceptionally proud of the final product and hope that you enjoy watching it and using the material contained inside as much as I enjoyed the experience of making it!

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Defensive Structure: A thorough examination of various methods of controlling distance and relieving pressure in bottom Half-Guard, giving you time and space to work on your attacks.

Underhook Half-Guard: The bread and butter of my half guard game for years. All my tips and tricks for pummelling for underhooks, and then all the details required to stick to someone like glue and gain top position, even making you able to sweep opponents with much superior wrestling.

Half-Octopus Guard: Over time, people become used to the typical attacks from the half-guard. Half-Octopus Guard is a relatively uncommon position which can easily catch even very experienced opponents by surprise, giving you access to the mount or the back in only a couple of simple movements.

Overhook Attacks: Whilst Half-guard is traditionally more of a sweeping guard, I like to use it as a route to setup triangles and omoplata attacks that are normally attempted from the closed or open guards instead, turning your opponent's underhook against them.

The Dogbar: A devastating leglock that is available both from top and bottom Half-Guard, and even if unsuccessful can be used for positional advancement, either in passing the guard or sweeping a panicking opponent.

Escapes to Half-Guard: Routes to Half-Guard from almost every position in jiujitsu. This means that you can go from a completely dominated position back to your safety zone and immediately turn the tables and seize control of the roll.

Techniques included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Defensive Structure - Knee Shield
  3. Defensive Structure - Shoulder Control
  4. Underhook Half Guard - Establishing the Underhook
  5. Underhook Half Guard - Establishing the Knee Twist
  6. Underhook Half Guard - Establishing the Pants Grip
  7. Underhook Half Guard - Turning to Knees Sweep
  8. Underhook Half Guard - Rollback Sweep
  9. Underhook Half Guard - Defending the Knee Slice
  10. Passing Following the Underhook Sweep
  11. Underhook Half Guard - Combination Sweeps
  12. Defending Flat Half - The Head Clinch
  13. Defending Flat Half - The Lockdown
  14. Defending Flat Half - Lockdown to Underhook
  15. Defending Flat Half - Half-Butterfly to Underhook
  16. Establishing Overhook Half - From Flat Half
  17. Establishing Overhook Half - From Half-Butterfly
  18. Establishing Overhook Half - From Knee Shield
  19. Establishing Overhook Half - Countering the Leg Weave
  20. Overhook Half - Stretch Through Omoplata
  21. Omoplata Finish
  22. Omoplata to Triangle
  23. Establishing the Half-Octopus Guard
  24. Half Octopus Guard - Hip Bump Sweep
  25. Half Octopus Guard - Back Take
  26. Half Octopus Guard - Leg Lace
  27. Half Octopus Guard - Cross Face Counter
  28. Kimura Attacks - Basic Finish
  29. Kimura Attacks - Kimura to Straight Armbar
  30. Kimura Attacks - Leg Curl Finish
  31. Kimura Attacks - Leg Lace Finish
  32. Kimura Attacks - The Roger Sweep
  33. Establishing the Dogbar Position - From Underhook Half
  34. The Dogbar - Sweep to Top Position Finish
  35. Reverse Half Guard - Defending the Step Over
  36. Reverse Half Guard - Butterfly Sweep
  37. Reverse Half Guard - Octopus Guard Back Take
  38. Loop Choke - From Knee Shield
  39. Defending the Over / Under
  40. Defending the Over / Under - The Bundle Sweep
  41. Establishing Overhook Half - From Over / Under
  42. Escapes to Half Guard - Leg Trap from Mount
  43. Escapes to Half Guard - Technical Mount Recounter
  44. Escapes to Half Guard - Pants Grip Replacement from Side Control
  45. Escapes to Half Guard - Single Leg Escape from Side Control
  46. Escapes to Half Guard - Back Mount Slide Escape



"Hi Oliver. Just wanted to compliment you on the quality of your half guard instructional. I'm a mid level blue belt and my game has started to click around the half/dogfight position. I knew this was too one dimensional and prior to lockdown, I was looking for ways to expand my half game. I came across your instructional as it was recommended to me by a friend. All I can say is I know once I get back on the mats your material is going to be gold for me. Thank you!"

- Lee C

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