Understanding Takedowns in Jiu Jitsu

In this sample from our new instructional video, Beyond Technique, Kit Dale shows a simple concept designed to help you choose which style of takedown […]

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Magid Hage flexes his hand after an apparent injury.

5 Signs You Are Overtraining in Jiu Jitsu

When I began to study grappling I had an obsession with the quantity of training I would do. My goal was always to do more training sessions and to train harder and longer in each session. If I didn’t train twice a day I would feel guilty that I had wasted valuable mat time.Like many […]

roger gracie guard pass

A Simple, Effective Guard Pass

The ‘Ankle Isolation’ Guard Pass is one of the most effective I know. I first saw my instructor Roger Gracie using it several years ago and was impressed by how the technique shut down an opponent’s hips. I spent about a year playing with the move and I’m at a point now where I think […]

jiu jitsu good for you

Why Jiu Jitsu is Good for You

When practised correctly, jiu jitsu is good for you. If you devote yourself to training several times per week you can expect great improvements in your sense of well-being. Here are some of the reasons I feel this. The body as an instrument The the one thing that we all share during the human experience […]

different types of elemental jiu jitsu

Elemental Jiu-Jitsu

According to Empedocles, a Greek philosopher and scientist who lived in Sicily in the fifth century B.C., all matter is comprised of four “roots” or elements, namely earth, air, fire and water. For the past several months I have had an interest in certain philosophies regarding these elements and, as with pretty much everything in […]

high percentage jiu jitsu attacks

The Pareto Principle for Jiu Jitsu

Vilfredo Pareto was a 16th century Italian economist who made several interesting discoveries which led to the formulation of his law, which states that in any endeavour, 80% of the result is derived from 20% of the effort. Most of the grappling arts consist of hundreds upon hundreds of attacks, defenses and counters. However, during […]

jiu jitsu experience

A Jiu Jitsu Experience

You slap hands and touch fists with your opponent. The match begins slowly, both of you searching for grips, probing for an opening.You get a hold low on his collar. The grip isn’t great but it’s better than nothing. He gets a grip of his own and its stronger and deeper. You initiate an attack […]