Understanding Takedowns in Jiu Jitsu

In this sample from our new instructional video, Beyond Technique, Kit Dale shows a simple concept designed to help you choose which style of takedown […]

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Jiu Jitsu and MMA Workouts – Which Should You Choose?

One of the questions I am often asked at seminars is “What are good Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA workouts?” In an earlier post, I spoke of “attribute maximization”. This article will discuss specific ways to condition and prepare the body for jiu-jitsu. I believe that the most important question you need to ask yourself when […]

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Grapple With Your Eyes Closed

Grappling with your eyes closed is an excellent method of gaining sensitivity, balance and timing. When you close your eyes, you lose the balance granted to you by the visual reference points you usually have. As a result, the organs in the inner ear responsible for the body’s equilibrium become more finely tuned and your […]

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Control Your Breathing

The pace of your breathing is closely linked to your mental state. The mind is at its clearest when breathing is calm and rhythmic. In contrast, it is very, very difficult to think clearly when your breathing is ragged and heavy. An effective way of controlling your breathing is to use the rate of your […]

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Jiu Jitsu Concept – Using a First Class Lever

Leverage is a concept that is often spoken about on the mat but what does it actually mean in a jiu jitsu context? Roger Gracie black belt Nicolas Gregoriades explains how to use leverage effectively and provides a detailed example.   If you enjoyed this article you’ll love my new book, ‘The Black Belt Blueprint‘ […]

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Gi or No-Gi ?

For several years now a debate has been raging within the grappling community over which style of ground-fighting is better – gi or no-gi. To me the answer is “both” and “neither”. The two are not diametrically opposed nor are they mutually exclusive. Many grapplers dogmatically limit themselves to training exclusively with or without the […]

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A Simple Workout for Grappling & Jiu-Jitsu

This is a workout for grappling I used to great effect in 2012. I find that it has a nice balance of most of the major movement patterns used in grappling and bjj. I also favour it because of it’s simplicity and relative lack of equipment requirements. All you need is your own body and […]