Jiu-Jitsu has been the single biggest influence in my life.

It helped me totally transform my body and my mind. It has taken me all over the world. Teaching it has fed me and put a roof over my head. It has allowed me to meet so many talented and interesting people and make hundreds of new friends.

I’m not sure which direction my life would have taken had I not found jiu-jitsu, but it has undoubtedly made me the man I am today. I created this site because I want others to experience the same life-changing and far-reaching benefits of embracing the jiu-jitsu lifestyle that I have.

Jiu-Jitsu is challenging. It’s been estimated that of every 1000 people that try it only 5 or so continue and make it to the black belt. I want to change that. ‘Starting Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’ is a guide is for those who want to start training but are hesitant for whatever reason. It’s also for beginners who are finding the journey overwhelming. It is my hope that this resource will make your experience with jiu-jitsu as fun and productive as it can be.

Keep in mind that reading books and watching videos about jiu-jitsu is not doing jiu-jitsu. Just as you will never learn to swim if you don’t get wet, neither will you become a jiu-jitsoka if you don’t get on the mats and train.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The hardest part of any undertaking is starting. It’s committing to that initial action that will be the most daunting and most critical factor on your path to learning anything, jiu-jitsu included.

It doesn’t matter if you attend an introductory class at one of the huge academies in New York or London, or if you and a buddy get some mats and start training in your garage – as long as you take that first step.

One of the beautiful things about the art is that it is always in flux: everyone has a different experience of it. What I offer you is the knowledge I have gained on my path. It has worked for me, and for many of my students, but it is not necessarily the ‘best way’ or the ‘only way’, but merely ‘a way’.

I love hearing from readers and students all over the world, so feel free to email me with any thoughts, comments or questions you might have. I receive many messages per week so it may take me a while to respond to you, but I will endeavour to do my best.

See you on the mat.

Nicolas Gregoriades