The Rules of Jiu Jitsu Competitions


Exploiting the System?

Competing is a large part of most people’s jiu jitsu journeys. I’ve never been the kind of grappler who tried to exploit the rules to his advantage. I always fight to submit. Looking back on my competitive career, I realise that this was a mistake. On more than a few occasions I lost to savvy players who exploited the rules to beat me.

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A couple of years ago I attended an IBJJF rules course as a requirement for my 2nd degree black belt certificate. Even after over a decade of training and competing, I was astounded by how much I didn’t know. From then on I made an effort to understand this aspect of jiu-jitsu.

The Rules are Complex

During the course and my studies of the rulesets of the major competitions I realised that the rules of grappling and bjj are complex and that in order to maximise your potential as a competitor, it’s vital that you know and understand them properly.

In this video I teamed up with David Aguzzi from Grappling Industries to provide a comprehensive break-down of the rules for those wishing to compete.


The Rules of BJJ and Grappling Competitions
The Rules of BJJ and Grappling Competitions

Not only can the rules of the various grappling and jiu jitsu tournaments be confusing, they also differ between organisations and governing bodies. In this video BJJ black belt Nic Gregoriades explains them and how to use them to your advantage when competing.