After an era which saw the half, 50-50, de la Riva and several other guard variants supersede it in popularity, the closed-guard is now back in fashion.

My Favourite Guard

I’ve always preferred the closed guard, as I feel it gives me more control over my opponent than almost any other variant. I also feel that it’s the ‘safest’ guard available to the bottom player – because the person on top must first open your guard before he can even consider passing, and that in itself can be a major challenge for him.

A Powerful Sweep

In this video I demonstrate one of my favourite  jiu jitsu techniques – an effective attacking combination from the Closed-Guard. I also discuss an important concept that has been helping me with all aspects of my game, including this particular technique.


The closed-guard and all basic jiu jitsu moves  are covered in detail in the BJJ Building Blocks course by Roger Gracie Black Belt Nicolas Gregroriades



Jiu Jitsu Move - a Powerful Closed Guard Sweep
Jiu Jitsu Move - a Powerful Closed Guard Sweep

Roger Gracie Black Belt Nicolas Gregoriades demonstrates his favourite sweep from the closed-guard position.