Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Affiliation

We are pleased to announce the re-launch of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Affiliation. Below you will find information on our organization and how we can help you and your students get the most out of your jiu jitsu experience.

What makes the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Affiliation Different?

The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood was created to foster a sense of camaraderie within the BJJ community.

The affiliation program was specifically designed to provide academy owners with a clearly recognized and high-quality organization through which to access this community,

Our goal is not only to help you improve the jiu jitsu of you and your students, but also to assist in your development as a teachers, business owners and most importantly, martial artist.

We truly care about the progress of those who seek our guidance and we will endeavor to serve them to the best of our ability.

What we provide our Affiliates:


Head Instructor Nicholas Gregoriades or other Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood black belts will provide evaluation and, where applicable grading.

Although we generally follow the IBJJF guidelines, grading is based on a combination of factors which include ability, technical knowledge, time in service, competition record and most importantly, character.


All affiliates are given preference when it comes to seminars with Nic Gregoriades and are also eligible for a discounted rate.

Jiu Jitsu Seminars and Training Camps

Attendance Management Software

All affiliates get access to the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood’s exclusive Dojo Director attendance tracking software which is a powerful tool for school owners to monitor student progress as well as plan and track grades.

Business Guidance

Affiliated academy owners will have access to 2 x 1 hour-long phone consultations per year. These consultations will cover all of business aspects of running a jiu jitsu academy including billing and marketing.

Master Academy Membership

Affiliated academy owners will receive access to Nic’s online membership site, The Master Academy, which features all of his latest lessons, seminar, exclusive podcasts and interviews with exceptional black belts. This is the ideal tool for coaches looking for curriculums and lesson plans.


Affiliated academies will be permitted to use the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood logo on their premises and marketing materials.

Periodically, we will at our discretion promotion affiliated academies news through our social media platforms.

Affiliated academies will also be listed on the Academies section of the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood website.

Geographical Exclusivity

Each affiliated academy will be granted exclusivity within a specific area, dependent on various factors, including population density and geographic location. This will be discussed with each potential affiliate.


Affiliate academy owners (and their instructors) will be mailed official Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood certificates reflecting their current rank.

Discounted Gear and Apparel

Affiliates will receive discounts on Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood merchandise, as well as be able to make bulk purchases for the sake to their students.

IBJJF Competition Entry

Affiliated academies will be able to enter IBJJF competitions under the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood banner.

What is Required of Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Affiliated Academies?

Affiliation Requirements


The head instructor of the potential affiliate will need to hold the rank of purple belt or higher in BJJ. Any additional coaches or teachers within the affiliated academy will need to hold the rank of blue belt or higher in BJJ. Traditional jiu jitsu or other martial arts ranks are not recognized.


Students at affiliated academies are required to wear a jiu jitsu brotherhood patch on their gi. Students not wearing at least one patch will not be allowed to attend seminars or grade.

Character and Background

Potential affiliates will need to provide three character references from members of the BJJ community (previous or current students / training partners / instructors) before becoming affiliated.


Presently affiliation applications are being taken in North America and Europe only.

Student Numbers

Academies wishing to affiliate are required to have a minimum of 20 existing students.


Academy affiliation is $995 per year.

If you feel that the Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood is the right organisation to help drive your jiu jitsu, your academy and your students forward, please fill out the application form electronically and email it to affiliation@jiujitsubrotherhood.com  – We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.