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The Importance of Stand-Up Training in Jiu Jitsu

    Takedowns and throws are one of the least understood and practiced aspects of jiu jitsu, but they're also some of the most important.¬†Having a...
bjj technique Closed Guard Sweep

A Powerful Closed-Guard Sweep

After an era which saw the half, 50-50, de la Riva and several other guard variants supersede it in popularity, the closed-guard is now...
roger gracie guard pass

A Simple, Effective Guard Pass

The 'Ankle Isolation' Guard Pass is one of the most effective I know. I first saw my instructor Roger Gracie using it several years ago...
jiu jitsu bjj grappling leverage

Jiu Jitsu Concept – Using a First Class Lever

Leverage is a concept that is often spoken about on the mat but what does it actually mean in a jiu jitsu context? In...
jiu jitsu butterfly guard sweep

Jiu Jitsu Concept – ‘Combining Masses’

This is a jiu jitsu concept that I had been using unknowingly for several years until a training partner of mine recently  put it...

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