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Guard Passing Concept

6 Concepts for Effective Guard-Passing in Jiu Jitsu

  I consider passing the guard to be one of the most difficult of all aspects of Brazilian jiu jitsu, but also one of the...

The Rules of BJJ & Grappling Competitions for (IBJJF, ADCC etc.)

  Exploiting the System? Competing is a large part of most people's jiu jitsu journeys. I've never been the kind of grappler who tried to exploit the rules...
BJJ Kimura Attack Sequence

Using the Kimura to Sweep, Control and Submit

  When I first learned the Kimura, over 15 years ago, it was as a simple jiu jitsu submission from the closed-guard. As my journey into the art has...

Finding Your Flow in Jiu Jitsu

What is 'Flow' in a Jiu Jitsu Context? Flow: To move continuously in a current or stream. The phrase ‘flow rolling’ often gets a bad rap...
Passing the De La Riva Guard

How to Pass the de la Riva Guard

The de la Riva guard is one of the trickiest guards to deal with in jiu jitsu. It is an aggressive and technical position that offers many attacking options

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