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Mauricio Gomes Roger Gracie Father Coral Belt

Keeping the Tradition Alive

This is a guest post by Daren Bartlett, director of the documentary 'Tradition 'The Rise of a Gracie Fighter' Martial artists are a funny breed....
Javier Vasquez jiu jitsu

10 000 Hours is Just the Start

This is a guest post by Chuck J. Ryant Fifteen seconds into the world championship fight, Javier Vazquez stepped forward for a single-leg takedown, but...
jiu jitsu academy

So, You Want to Open Your Own Jiu Jitsu Academy….

  To many guys who train jiu jitsu, the idea of owning their own successful academy seems like the ultimate dream. Even if it’s not...
grappling central podcast nic gregoriades

Grappling Central Podcast

In this interview on the Grappling Central Podcast, Nic Gregoriades discusses many aspects of the jiu jitsu including: Japan and its importance to jiu...
open mat radio jiu jitsu

Interview with Open Mat Radio

This is an Interview with Open Mat Radio I conducted recently with Paul Moran, my friend and fellow co-host on The Journey Podcast. Paul asked...

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