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Shoulder injuries in jiu jitsu bjj grappling martial arts

The Top 7 Shoulder Conditions Affecting Grapplers

This is a guest post by osteopath, black belt and owner of Centre Line BJJ, Miad Najafi. Grappling ranks amongst some of the most intense...
Mauricio Gomes Roger Gracie Father Coral Belt

Keeping the Tradition Alive

This is a guest post by Daren Bartlett, director of the documentary 'Tradition 'The Rise of a Gracie Fighter' Martial artists are a funny breed....
Single Leg Takedown BJJ Jiu Jitsu Submission Grappling Throws

The Single-Leg Takedown: A Conceptual Approach

Takedowns and throws are notoriously neglected in jiu jitsu training. As a purple belt, I made the decision to become excellent at all aspects...
BJJ Jiu Jitsu White Belt

No, You Didn’t Start Jiu Jitsu Too Late

This is a guest post by Rocco Jarman   I have two observations to share as a 43 year old, no-gi, 12 month white-belt. The first is...
eddie bravo ebi jiu jitsu rubber guard 10th planet

Eddie Bravo: A Jiu Jitsu Original

This is a guest post by black belt Arun Subramanian Born Edgar Cano in California in 1970, Eddie Bravo (his stepfather's surname) has long been...

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