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mobility flexibility bjj jiu jitsu martial arts grappling splits hips shoulders

Mobility Training for Jiu Jitsu

This is a guest article by Billy Edelen - check out his blog on mobility. Adequate joint mobility is essential for sustainable training and high-level...
caffeine sports performance jiu jitsu bjj grappling martial arts

Using Caffeine for Improved Jiu Jitsu Performance

This article was written by medical doctor and Black Belt Marc Barton, who is also the head instructor at┬áJiu Jitsu Brotherhood London.   Jiu-Jitsu is commonly...
Crosstraining wrestling grappling bjj jiu jitsu

Cross Training in Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu

Jiu-jitsu and wrestling have some overlapping traits, but there are noticeable differences as well due to practitioners developing techniques and strategies based on the...
BJJ's Biggest Weakness Is It's New Secret Weapon

BJJ’s Biggest Weakness is it’s New Secret Weapon

This is a guest post by Nick Mullins from JiuJitsology.   Are you unhappy with your BJJ training progress? Most people are. You've only got so...
nutrient timing diet plan grappling jiu jitsu

Nutrient Timing for Grapplers

This is a guest post by Claire Desroches, owner of Great Expectations Fitness   Jiu jitsu has now developed to the point that sports science principles...

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