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The Importance of Stand-Up Training in Jiu Jitsu

    Takedowns and throws are one of the least understood and practiced aspects of jiu jitsu, but they're also some of the most important.┬áHaving a...
deeper understanding of jiu jitsu

A Deeper Understanding of Jiu Jitsu

  ┬áThis article is inspired by the conceptual framework of Bruce Lee, although certain concepts were modified at a great extent to adapt it to...
How To Learn Jiu Jitsu

How to Learn Jiu Jitsu Faster

There are several ways to speed up the rate at which you learn jiu jitsu, and this is one of the best I've found....
kit dale jiu jitsu technique

Why Concepts Are Better Than Techniques in BJJ

This article was written by my friend Kit Dale, Australia's top jiu jitsu competitor. Although I don't entirely agree with his sentiments (I do...
bjj technique Closed Guard Sweep

A Powerful Closed-Guard Sweep

After an era which saw the half, 50-50, de la Riva and several other guard variants supersede it in popularity, the closed-guard is now...

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