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jiu jitsu flow drill

The Flow Drill for Jiu Jitsu

This is a detailed article on using flow drills in jiu jitsu written by the excellent, french black-belt, Alexis de Bretagne. Flow drill is in...
clark gracie jiu jitsu no hands

Practice Jiu Jitsu With No Hands

Almost without exception, one of the most common mistakes novice grapplers make is that they try and move their opponent’s entire bodyweight with the...
jiu jitsu eyes closed

Grapple With Your Eyes Closed

Grappling with your eyes closed is an excellent method of gaining sensitivity, balance and timing. When you close your eyes, you lose the balance...
jiu jitsu crossface

BJJ Concept – Control the Head

This is a fundamental BJJ concept which will help with the foundations of  your  game. The head is attached to the top of the spinal...

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