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deeper understanding of jiu jitsu

A Deeper Understanding of Jiu Jitsu

   This article is inspired by the conceptual framework of Bruce Lee, although certain concepts were modified at a great extent to adapt it to...
brazilian jiu jitsu bjj grappling guard

8 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Guard

The guard is the defining position of the gentle art, and without a solid understanding of it you cannot consider yourself a proficient jiu...
jiu jitsu flow drill techniques

Jiu Jitsu Flow Drill Techniques

Using the flow drill has greatly improved my scrambling ability and many other aspects of my BJJ techniques. In this video I give a...
visualization for jiu jitsu

Using Your Mind’s Eye – Visualization for Jiu Jitsu

Many of you have probably heard about visualization in sports. It is a technique used by many professional athletes to improve their performance and...
jiu jitsu movement coordination

Coordinate Movement And Breathing

Once you have learned how to control your breathing while doing jiu jitsu, the next  step is to understand how to coordinate your movement...

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