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BJJ Gym Bag Hacks for Girls

These BJJ gym bag hacks for women is everything you need for before and after Jiu-Jitsu. Packing your perfect bag is a productive way to ensure you have a phenomenal class.
BJJ Gym Bag Hacks for Girls

by JJB Admin

3 years ago

This article was written by jiu jitsu black belt Sheena Bidwell, an instructor at Flo-Life BJJ in Lakewood, Colorado.

These BJJ gym bag hacks for women is everything you need for before and after Jiu-Jitsu. Packing your perfect bag is a productive way to ensure you have a phenomenal class.

Use this checklist for quick upgrades to the next level of your training. Blessings of grace, gentleness and strength.

  • Athletic Tape- Always popular among the crowd and good for your fingers. The tape will stay on well on any area of the body with relative ease when removing.
  • Band-Aids - Also very popular & handy to have around.
  • Dry Shampoo - Make your own from mixing arrowroot powder and essential oils. Place in a shaker bottle and you're good to go!
  • Snack - Always have a little something to munch on. A homemade trail mix of dried fruit, seeds, and nuts can last in your bag better than packaged bars.
  • Water Bottle - Drink filtered water! Do not drink water straight from the faucet or from the water fountain. You can add organic lemon or limes for a refreshing twist. Try making your own sports drink by combining organic appple cider vinegar and raw coconut nectar.
  • Deodorant - Opt for a natural deodorant that is free from aluminum, parabens, proplene glycol and triclosan. Don't allow these toxic chemicals near your pores.
  • Body Powder - Get talc free powder. Once again, don't expose your body to unnecessary toxins.
  • Notebook & Pen - Stash your Jiu-Jitsu journal in your bag for note taking and doodle dreaming after class.
  • Shower Accessories - If you are lucky enough to have these modern day miracles in your locker room remember your body wash and towel.
  • Mouth Guard- Protect your teeth.
  • Oral Hygiene - Keep it clean with mouth rinse, toothbrush and paste. Chewing gum on the mats is bad etiquette. Pop a mint before class instead.
  • Hat for after class - Save the hair accessories for when you're sweaty after class. It's a cute, quick option to get you going in style.
  • Change of Clothes - Don't forget your bra and underwear! Bring relaxed fitting clothing that will not cling to your warm body when you're done with your intense workout.
  • Hairbrush - Have your brush ready to tame away all the wildness. Extra rubber bands- This is a must! Don't trust just that one, make sure you've got some reinforcements.
  • No Gi Rash Guard & Leggings - Be ready to take off the gi in case a partner wants to practice without the uniform.
  • Dirty Laundry Bag - Super classy of you to separate the stink. Find a washer friendly bag that can be dropped in with your load.
  • Nail Clippers - It's like sharing a toothbrush, you want to use your own.
  • Feminine Products- Just in case! Be prepared for surprises.
  • Small towel - It's so kind to clean the sweat up after yourself. Drop a few dashes of essential oil on the towel to invigorate you.
  • Clear mascara - This is the only mat approved makeup.
  • Chapstick - Skip the sticky gloss.
  • Hand Sanitizer - When you need to spot clean your body this is an easy fix.
  • After Class Body Mist - Say goodbye in style with a fresh fragrance. One spray will go a long way. 
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