This is an Interview with Open Mat Radio I conducted recently with Paul Moran, my friend and fellow co-host on The Journey Podcast.

Paul asked me some really intelligent questions regarding several aspects of jiu-jitsu training. The conversation also covered topics as diverse as yoga and cannabis and how they relate to brazilian jiu-jitsu.

I highly recommend you check this out:

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Here are our recommendations for products and services that can improve your jiu jitsu and health. This is a short list since it only includes our top picks.

For white and blue belts: BJJ Building Blocks - The ultimate fundamentals program for jiu jitsu beginners

For those wanting progressive techniques: Flow Jitsu - Smooth-flowing combinations from 'BJJ After 40' Legend Mike Bidwell

For those struggling to remember their techniques: Beyond Technique - concept-focused jiu jitsu program by black belts Nic Gregoriades and Kit Dale

For those wanting a reference manual for BJJ: The Black Belt Blueprint - Nic Gregoriades’ bestselling book on the art of jiu jitsu