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half guard knee shield pass

How to Beat the Half-Guard Knee Shield

The knee-shield can be an extremely frustrating position to deal with, but when you understand which problem you are trying to solve, it becomes...
BJJ Kimura Attack Sequence

Using the Kimura to Sweep, Control and Submit

  When I first learned the Kimura, over 15 years ago, it was as a simple jiu jitsu submission from the closed-guard. As my journey into the art has...
Passing the De La Riva Guard

How to Pass the de la Riva Guard

The de la Riva guard is one of the trickiest guards to deal with in jiu jitsu. It is an aggressive and technical position that offers many attacking options
3 Phase Arm Lock from Closed Guard Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

Armbar Sequence from Closed Guard

Jiu Jitsu's Most Basic Submission The arm-lock from closed guard was one of the first moves I ever learned. Just when I think I have...
bjj technique Closed Guard Sweep

A Powerful Closed-Guard Sweep

After an era which saw the half, 50-50, de la Riva and several other guard variants supersede it in popularity, the closed-guard is now...

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