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cauliflower ear jiu jitsu

Cauliflower Ear and Jiu Jitsu – How to Treat and Prevent it

    This article was written by medical doctor and BJJ brown belt, Marc Barton. If you train in a grappling art, such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or...
grappling martial art

Types of Grappling Martial Arts

  This excerpt from Daniele Bolelli's book 'On the Warrior's Path' describes the different styles of grappling martial arts.   Grappling systems are those Combat Sports that...
brazilian jiu jitsu gi

8 Steps to Finding the Best BJJ Gi

When Brazilian Jiu Jitsu first came to the US and UK, there was no online shopping for BJJ gis. You simply bought whatever some...
deeper understanding of jiu jitsu

A Deeper Understanding of Jiu Jitsu

   This article is inspired by the conceptual framework of Bruce Lee, although certain concepts were modified at a great extent to adapt it to...

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