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kit dale jiu jitsu technique

Why Concepts Are Better Than Techniques in BJJ

This article was written by my friend Kit Dale, Australia's top jiu jitsu competitor. Although I don't entirely agree with his sentiments (I do...
grappling after 30 fabio gurgel

8 Tips For Grappling After 30

Fabio Gurgel can still thrash most 20 year-olds. When I began training in jiu jitsu there were a few older guys at my academy who...
spirit of jiu jitsu

The Spirit of Jiu Jitsu – a film by Stuart Cooper

A couple of months ago the super-talented jiu jitsu filmmaker Stuart Cooper invited me to Thailand to work with him on a short film...
Essence of jiu jitsu rickson gracie

The Essence of Jiu Jitsu

This is an article which I wrote for Jiu-Jitsu Style Magazine - Europe's premier BJJ publication. Jiu-Jitsu Style also has a popular app in...

Why I Do Jiu-Jitsu

When I meet people and the topic of my training and teaching in BJJ comes up, very often I’m asked why I chose to...

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